Project SEED addresses the problem of childhood hunger in a very simple and direct way. Project SEED (Something to Eat Every Day) provides a bag of food every Friday during the school year for students to take home. The bag contains nourishing food for the weekend to supplement the free lunch program the children receive at school during the week. Project SEED ensures that children don't go to bed hungry just because it's a weekend. We want kids to come to school on Monday morning ready to learn rather than just ready to eat. Burrell Rotary Club feels strongly about helping the children in our community and donated funds as well as applied for and received a matching grant from RI. Pictured are Rotarians with other volunteers from the community. Cindy Sakala, 3rd from the left, President Sondra Cimino, 4th left, Rick O’Domes-4th right, Tammy Croyle-3rd right, and Adam Canfield-right.